My Porfolio

Tran Thi Bao Thuy is a senior at Hochschule Furtwangen University, originally from Baden-Würtemberg, Germany. In this winter – 2017, she will receive her MS. in Business Consulting with the specialization BI / Big Data. During her time at Furtwangen she worked closely about predictive analytics, particular in online behavior and profile analytics. She has a passion for marketing data analytics to improve the ROI for marketing campaigns and building targeting customer profiles.

Before moving to Germany, she had more six years working experience for SME companies in Vietnam as marketing officer with a better understanding between the effective investment for each marketing campaign and the great competitions from multinational companies in the developing and dynamic market. More details about her experiences is on her LinkedIn page.

At the free time, she likes to travel and takes photos – landscape and human life, from the places she came. Let’s visit the pages PhotoshelterFlickr to see her photos.


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