101 things in My Wishing List

Obviously everybody wish having money as much as possible!!! I am, too 🙂 But what is it for in my whole life?…

1. A suburban house with great garden

2. Travel around EU by train

3. Private working space

3. Big space for bookshelf

4. Able to use guitar ^_^


5. Get MA degree in Brand & Creative Communication  Business Consulting

6. Able To Use Camera to take nice shots from trips

7. Set up my own business

8. My partner & my children

9. Travel to Butan, Nepal… around Himalaya

10.  A full wall of my photos

11. Sell House Decords

12. Become a Branding Consulting Expert

13. Publish a magazine book

14. Corner for painting & drawing

15. Love with Trips!

101. My home




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